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Basic Bykes (1993–1998)

Found in an ad on ebay: 

Basic was an innovative small company based in Canada that was around from 1993 to about 1998. Basic's original frames were the exact same frames as the Standard Lengthy (Big City Bastard) and Shorty (Small Town Hick), b/c Basic for some reason ended up with a run of those frames that for some reason Standard didn't want or something. The next batch was their own designs. Founded on the Dirt Bros. strategy of using other company's old frames (Standard's in their case), it was easy for people to be skeptical as to what would happen when their stock ran out. That is, until now. Basic is now manufacturing their own line of bikes, The Big City Bastard (street and mini), the Small Town Hick (flatland) and the Sluggo (dirt, street, and all around). The Big City and the Small Town are both very similar to the original "Basic" bikes, but the Sluggo is a completely new design. Darcy Saccucci, one of the founders, left the company in 1996 due to differences of opinion with his partner, Cecil Milligan, and it soon fell apart.

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