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Bandito Racing(1981–1985)

This company was shortlived, and had the distinctive dual position dropouts. After a short production, the company seemed to have faded away.her is some info from an email I got: Bandito was owned by Dave and Cathy Hinshaw, and was started out of their bike shop (Dave's Bike Shop) in Corona California. They were basicly a CW with different dropouts, and were made at the same place. The Hinshaws were also ABA track operators and ran the tracks at, the Corona/Norco YMCA (which probably had the worlds steepest gate), the Snipes Park downhill track in Norco, and the San Bernardino YMCA (my home track for many years). Bandito handle bars were CW bars with square tube as an extra brace below the top crossbar. Their most famous riders were Tinker Juarez, and Matt Hadan (with Hadan scoring the first ever quadruple at a national while riding for them). Being as I raced! at the 3 tracks they ran, I knew some of the factory riders, Leon Philpot (his dad ran the gate) Dave Koch (pronounced cook), and Don Jure. I raced against Koch and Jure. Both were fast, especially Jure who was one of the most naturally gifted riders i've ever seen. I remember seeing him at nationals utterly destroying the top guys in his class (15X 1983, 16X 1984) only to fall apart in the main. Once, Mike Miranda and Tommy Brackens (both on Torker at the time) came out to the San Bndo. track to practice gates, and the Hinshaws set up a match race between them and Jure kicked their asses (he was 15 at the time). Around the same time, there was another CW clone called an HBS (Hesperia Bike Shop) which had two verical tubes that went from the top tube to the down tube, just behind the head tube. Their handle bars were CW's with a Powerlite style bend.