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1996 Balance Killer B 24

1996 Balance Killer B 24

How a bike becomes a survivor

Sold: 2015-04-25

I am the original owner and bought this from a SoCal LBS in 1995.  I rode it lightly for two years then gave it to my brother when I moved.  It hung in his garage for ten years when I finally asked him if he was ever going to ride it.  He said no and gave it back (huge thanks bro!).  I didn't like the low-rise cruiser bars and had the bike shop swap them for slightly taller Powerlite BMX bars at the time of purchase.  I believe I also had them add a front brake with matching TechTro levers.  I tacoed the back rim doing 360s and replaced the stock Alex with an Araya 7x.  Tires have been upgraded to Maxxis Holy Rollers (but I still have the originals).  All other parts are stock as sold with the bike.

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