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1991 Auburn CR-20R

1991 Auburn CR-20R

Built to look like my favorite Auburn.

I built this bike to look just like the BMX PLUS Project Popular BMXer. Nearly every part is identical to what was originally used on the giveaway bike. Some colors or part sizes may differ slightly but you get the point. 

Big thanks to those of you who helped get this done. 

Submitted by Auburn_Fanatic

  • Race
  • Company: Auburn Cycles
  • Model: CR-20R
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 19.5
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Here's the parts list. 1991 Auburn CR20R restored Kastan Uniblade Strut re-chromed Kastan Uniblade hub OG condition Araya 7x front rim re-chromed Odyssey Dynatron headset NOS GT Double clamp SPC NOS Redline Bubble font 45t sprocket OG condition Redline single pinch full wrap 401 cranks OG condition Redline Techmatic BB Polished repop decals Revcore pedals OG condition Revcore Flagpole seatpost OG condition GT Dropnose saddle OG condition DK XL stem polished Powerlite Powerbend chromoly bars OG condition Jive Handles grips NOS Araya 7x rear rim OG condition Bullseye rear hub OG condition Tioga comp 3 blue gray labels NOS Odyssey slic cable NOS Odyssey Pitbull OG condition Matthauser Superbrake pads NOS FLITE pad set re-release Zeronine Landingpad plate NOS

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