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1992 Auburn CR-20RX

1992 Auburn CR-20RX

1991 Auburn CR20RX ORIGINAL owner survivor. Completely redone over the last year. Finished on 1/5/2013 for the most part

Green Auburn bicycle with powerlite handlebars, DK neck,GT FSA sealed stem bearings(think called), GT seat clamp, Sugino GT 3 piece cranks and GT 44 tooth sprocket. Pitbull brakes. FEMCO front rim and Weinman rear rim. 21 inches from head tube to down tube. Was my bike when I was younger. Have been out of the seen for awhile, but have always liked this bike and kept it all these years.  My last race/street bike I used bitd.

Edit as of 1/19/2013

I have completely re-done my Auburn with parts I used or had on this bike bitd.  Paint is ORIGINAL! .  It was a long time in the making, and over a year worth of parts buying, finding and collecting.  But man am I happy with the end result and is so much fun to ride.  I remember why I held onto this hike all these years.  

Frame: 1991 Auburn CR20RX with the original team green paint. 20.5" tt

Fork: Answer Pro Forx w/original decals and anodized purple horseshoe

Headset: GT FSA w/ purple anno cups

Stem: DK early square corner anodized purple

Handlebars: Elf Blast Pro

Grips:  Jive tentacles w/ Jive Nuts

Cranks: Redline 401 Flights single pinch half wraps 180mm

Bottom Bracket: Profile w/ purple anodized hop up kit, flush mount bolts and neon green lettering

Chain Wheel: GT Power series 45t hand polished w/ custom neon green letters

Pedals: Original Black Widow, hand polished w/ purple insides

Chain: My original KMC from BITD

Rims: Araya RB17 chrome

Hubs: Mid school DK anodized purple sealed

Tires: Tioga Compe III rainbow labels OG survivors

Axle savers: PMC  Purple anodized

Brake Caliper: early Odyssey Pitbull anodized purple

Brake Lever: early Odyssey Pitbull anodized purple body w/ polished lever

Brake Cable: 1991 Dia Compe

Seat: GT custom

Seat Post: Brand X titanium

Seat Clamp:  GT double bolt

Link to my build thread


Update 6/9/2013

Redline 401 Flight single pinch half wraps 180mm

Jive tentacle clear Purple grips with Jive Nuts

Tioga Compe III Rainbow label 1.75 survivor tires

Bomber padset

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