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1992 Auburn CR-20RX

1992 Auburn CR-20RX

This is my dream build and my favorite bike of all time. I made it perfect in every way for me. I remember the first time I saw a Green Auburn and I remember the first time I saw a bike with Ano Purpl

I started with an original 1992 Auburn frame set and rear aluminum Link. I professionally glass beaded the frame to bare original metal and sent it out to Chip at C4 Labs for a professional High Quality Powdercoat job. The rear link was then polished out to a mirror shine. 

Here is a list of parts 

- GT Padded Drop nose seat ( almost mint. Few scuffs around the back) 
- OG Real Elf Zip Back seat post
- VG anodized purple Double seat clamp
- GT mechanical Epoch style headset
- Rare DK anodized purple mini stem 
- Original Elf 6 piece blast bars
- Odyssey ano purple Pitbull 2 brake lever 
- Purple Jive Tentacles grips 
- Rare Answer purple pad set
- Answer Pro Forx Front suspension fork
- Polished out odyssey Pitbull brakes 
- VG anodized purple center pull 
- original Redline Flite single pinch, full wrap (Era correct)  3 piece cranks
- Crupi Square Racing pedals 
- GT Power Series Polished chainwheel
- Bomber Number plate

I chose to build a very specific set of wheels for this bike. Some may not like them which is cool and I understand why. However, In the early and mid 90's the 48 spoke wheel was the go to wheel in my neighborhood. Here is what I did. 

- Mint Peregrine Super Pro 48 Hubs. (NOS when found 2 years ago) 
- Mint Peregrine Super Pro 48 Rims (Rechromed with Ukai Decals) 
- Chrome Ashai Spokes (NOS in the bag when bought) 
- Ano Purple 14 ga nippes
- Professionally assembled by Dan's Comp and spin 100% perfect 
- NOS Tioga Comp Rainbow labels (NOS when bought) 

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