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1990 Auburn CR-20RX

1990 Auburn CR-20RX

Rare custom pink Auburn BMX CR20RX XL tagged on frame bracket

My latest project started off with just a beat up frame & works link that serial # did not match the frame i stripped down about 4 coats of paint n then the process began didn't know what color i wanted it my choices i picked were Dukes of Hazard orange a metallic yellow and this pink  my girlfriend pushed the pink so i went with it so she sort of has  an Auburn when Im riding my green one its still in process of being finished i had it powdered a sizzling pink i had to restore every piece of this bike bars hubs rear link rims needed polishing bad tons of scratches & oxidizing the cranks were the worst with gouges but i fixed them up nicely still need a chain pedals & i am in the process of refinishing the pit bull brake for it 

AUBURN CR20RX       =     Frame
Auburn                     =     Fork
AUBURN  repop         =     Pads
Odyssey Black Widow =    Crank
Tange MX 320           =    Headset
Factory Auburn          =    Neck
Auburn CR BARS         = Bars
Araya 7x Chrome                 =    Rims
Bullseye                      =    Hubs
Odyssey                      =   Seat Clamp
Dominator                  =    Seat
Hutch                         =    Seat Post
GT                             =    Sprocket
Kenda Comp 2           =    Tires
Odyssey Black Widow = Cranks
Ame Cam                    =Grips
DK  Mini                      =Stem
Odyssey  Pitt Bull         =Brakes
Alloy nipples & Stainless Spokes