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1991 Auburn CR-20R

1991 Auburn CR-20R

My Ultimate Dream Bike

It all started in 1991 - while in class, I was flipping through pages of BMX Plus! magazine and dreaming about my next bike when I saw her - A green Auburn so exotic and ahead of its time with the removable triangle, 3-pc cranks, square crossbar handlebars, and an aggressive stance. I've never seen anything like it. I was only a high school kid and it was just a dream back then. I was riding a beat up Haro Ground Master at the time (which ironically, sells for more than the Auburn today! lol) But at the time I would've given up everything to get this Auburn. A dream was born.

Several years passed and I eventually moved on to adult life. Then one day in 1998 while browsing eBay, I saw this green Auburn being sold for $50, and I bought it! When I received and opened the box, a dirty Auburn greeted me. I couldn't believe I finally have an Auburn, not to mention a green one that I've always wanted. It had a set of Redline 401 cranks and other dirty parts. I cleaned and built it up, and rode it for some time. It then spent the next 10+ years sitting in my closet until I "rediscovered" it again in 2010. The amazing part was that back in 2000 I spray bombed over the original green finish and when I took off the black rubbery paint, it actually preserved the original green paint underneath. 

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