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1994 Auburn CR-20S

1994 Auburn CR-20S

The Sweetness.

The original owner of this bike since 1994.  It's my first and only BMX bike and I'm starting to ride again from a long layoff.  All parts are original except for the following:

Answer handlebars
DK Stem
Odyssey Triple Trap pedals
Odyssey Aaron Ross Grips
Bomer Pads (Not Shown)

Note: I have all the original parts at my parents house, but I have to dig them up.  Parts were changed out between 1994 and 1995.  Also, I still have to install the original Odyssey Pitbull brakes.

**UPDATE (7/3/11)** The first picture is the latest.  Added NOS Profile 175mm 3 pc cranks w/ purple profile cups.  Added green brake cable (thanks Porkchop) and Diamondback brake lever (from LBS).  Had to get some 9/16" Odyssey Triple Trap pedals w/ blue anodized cages to fit the 3 pc crank.