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1994 Auburn CR-20S

1994 Auburn CR-20S

12 year hunt over ..........

ok i was told about this bike for about a year or so. then i got the call and i grabed it up quick . here goes a parts break down .

profile 3pc 175mm unstamped. changed to stamped 180mm
profile ripsaw sprocket.  changed to purple
cr bars.
dyno race stem.
silver gt fsa head set. changed to purple
gt aa pro race compound tires.
weinmann 2719 rims.
sealed sunshine hubs.
odyssey triple trap pedals.
odyssey pitbull rear brakes.
gt pads .

gt layed back seat post.

clear gt grips. changed to clear purple jive grips.

flite number plate .

vg chain adjusters.

last pic is of when i got her.

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