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1994 Auburn CR-20RX

1994 Auburn CR-20RX

my dream bike

My dream bike, got the frame off Facebook market place for $120!!!!, powder coated front half, the aluminum rear was damaged but I’m running my chrome rear end off my other Auburn till I get it repaired. Pieced it together the rest of the way over a year period. most of the parts have been really good deals or trading, the brakes were a gift, i bought the wheels on offer up for $25, the seat i traded a sprocket for, the seat post was given to me by a friend slightly damaged (had to trim the top off) the sprocket i traded for some work i did on a motorcycle, the pedals forks and cranks are from ebay, cranks were expensive!! stem (DK invert) was purchased at a gary turner swap meet for $56. the bars (original s&m slam bars) i have had since i was a kid, but keep going back and forth between them and a pair of DK bars i got for $15!! i ride it all the time and just put it in the recent gary turner show..... didnt place but had a great time looking at cool bikes!

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