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1985 Apollo MK3

1985 Apollo MK3

Restored 1985 Apollo MkIII, was originally chrome, but in very poor condition.

Earlier this year I picked up a wreck of a chrome frame that was bent, broken, and a shadow of the BMX it once was.

I had just watched the karate kid, the original one not that filth that Will Smiths kid is in, and was all inspired to get myself a BMX.

I found out that the bike in the movie is a Mongoose Two Four, I knew I couldn't afford one of those. So off to the local junk shop to grab a wreck.


After picking out the Apollo over an old Roadmaster (the Roadmaster was in better condition, but I couldn't see any potential) I set about pulling it apart.

Long story short and many $ later the result is a bike I ride almost every day and have enjoyed thoroughly.


Im now building a 24. An 84 Hotfoot. I just couldn't shake the need for something more like the karate kid bike. I think a Mongoose Two Four is on the cards this year as well.

  • Race
  • Company: Apollo
  • Model: MK3
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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