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1982 Team Apollo

1982 Team Apollo

82 team Apollo Frame 4130 Cr Mo Forks Tange TRX

Designed in Australia & has flared Seat Tube ( notice just above chain ) & Aero tubing Back Chain stay's & Front tubes flared Towards the front  Head Stock for strength IE: No gusset

Had V Bars & straight seat pole & 3pc Maxi Cross Cranks

Originally (Squeaky Cross)

They Had a small Factory Team  & 4 models MK1 , MK2,  MK3, & Factory Bike Team Apollo
Frame design for john Carroll By TANGE & price range accordingly.

Mk1 $149 MK2 $195 MK3 $249 Team Apollo $399 & Sold By World OF Wheels Dealers Nation wide.(Australia) Also The Team model was re badged As Raleigh Burner Aero For the UK By Tange

The APKH = Apollo kuwahara
Falls under the Kuwahara Brand Not Apollo as people Might Think.

Submitted by kerm

  • Race
  • Company: Apollo
  • Model: Team
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Just Had too Rebuild this Frame set My First Strong & light Bike.& Came With TRX Forks STD.