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1984 Ammaco Freestyle Pro

1984 Ammaco Freestyle Pro

Frame: June 1984 date stamped Ammaco Freestyle Pro with uncracked stamped gusset(!) Was originally chrome but had it painted white. Repro decals.
Forks:  Tange TRX. Original chrome finish. 
Bars: NOS Win.
Stem: Black NOS Hutch.
Wheels: ACS Z-Mags, Ammaco dustcaps.
Tyres: Peregrine
Padset: NOS genuine Ammaco.
Headset: NOS black Hatta.
Grips: NOS ODI Mushrooms with check donuts.
Brakes: Black/White combo Dia-Compe MX901’s.
Brakepads: Kool Stop.
Brake Cable: Black ‘84 dated DC.
Lever: Dia-Compe Tech-4’s.
Cranks:  Sugino OPC.
Pedals: Survivor white Hutch; this is built to be ridden (and dropped) so I didn’t want minty pedals I’d be scared of damaging.
Chainring: ‘Tiger’ Tuf Neck.
Chain: Black/White Izumi.
Seat clamp: Black Tange.
Seat/Post: Integrated white UNI.

I was correct to use survivor pedals, as this afternoon after taking the pics I had a blast on the park (for the first time in decades) and ended up on the floor following quite a heavy impact; dropped bike, broken chain and left knee spastication injury.

Lots more pics of the build and amazing Wolvo graffiti here:-,107203.0.html