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American Bicycle Manufacturing (1984–2008)

In 1984 Frederick Schilplin III (February 16, 1947- April 13, 2005) founded and was president of American Bicycle Manufacturing. Located in St. Cloud, Mn, the company made many bikes, including a famous Beryllium mountain bike frame, with a cool $25,000 price tag. For us bmx'ers, ABM made freestyle and bmx frames under the Race Tech division. These aluminum frames were made from 6061 aluminum, tig welded and heat treated to a t6 hardness. The frames had adjustable head tubes (66 3/4 - 74 1/4 degrees) by using eccentric head cups held in place by pinch bolts. Around 1984 Shawn Sheely raced/developed for them, and his first project was the freestyle frame. Freestyle numbers are at least 1 prototype with knurled top tubes, and 1-10 production frames. Bmx numbers are around 50 production, with at least 1 custom built to racers specs. Where are these bikes now? ABM is Minnesota's most famous bike company, making unique, quality bikes for many years.

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