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Altruiste (2018–2018)

Started by Gabriel Lang of Altruiste bikes, who was once the production manager at legendary east coast brand Dobermann Bikes.

Mtbr: Who are you and what do you do?
Gabo: I’m Gabriel Lang. They call me Gabo in this industry! I own and run the Altruiste bicycle company in Notre-Dame, New-Brunswick, Canada. Every morning I wake up and try to build the best bicycle frames I can.

Mtbr: If you had to describe your brand in seven words or less, what would they be?
Gabo: Purpose-driven, honest, accessible, uncompromising, trend-setting. And sexy.

Mtbr: How does being located in New Brunswick influence your bike design?
Gabo: It allows me to be creative without being influenced by the criteria and standards of a more bike-dense area of the world. I’m free to develop my frame-building style.

Also. This is where I grew up. There is a way of life here, a certain beat, that permeates the Acadian culture. You can feel it in our art and our music as well as our work ethic, and I think that shows in my product. I try to build efficient and clean frames that are first and foremost very fun to ride.

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