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Ace Racing (1995–2013)

Ace Racing was a company from 1995 in the UK. They only made one model of BMX & that was called 'The T.I.T.S.'! This stood for Totally Intergrated Technology System. It makes no sense really but meant they could get away with writing TITS on the side of a bike. The bike was made with help from Pro-Lite and is very similar to a freestyler they brought out at the same time. Both the bikes were, like many at the time, made in the Far East and the forks were even made in the same factory as Haro's were and are basically Haro Shredder items. The frame styling is very obviously Dyno and the frame and forks are 100% 4130 chromoly and extremely light with neat welding and a very good finish. The bike retailed at £279 which put it in competition with mid-range bikes from the likes of Mongoose, GT, Haro etc. The difference between the Ace Racing and Pro-Lite bikes were mainly bars, brakes, wheels/tyres and a few small parts to make them sufficiently different with the Pro-Lite getting the slightly better components which reflected in it's higher retail price. The bike is very short and nimble and Ride magazine said at the time it would be good for flatland and mini-ramp work. It was advertised as being available from good bike shops but I only ever saw it for sale from one retailer only. Due to the short run and perhaps peoples reluctance to spend Haro money on an unknown bike, very few of these seem to be around. In fact, this is the only one I know of that's survived to this day. The serial number ends in 0010 which I'd like to think means this is the tenth one made. After this bike, the company, I believe, then were involved in Fishbone and are now making bikes under the Mission banner.

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