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1975 A&A Moto X Cycle

1975 A&A Moto X Cycle

Early model A&A

I have been after this one for such a long time, but they just done come up for sale, so when I found this I had to jump on it.

It really is one of the first 'real' BMX bikes i.e in the shape we know and love, not a monoshock or converted stingray.

I asked for colour choices from everybody and the outstanding choice was orange, so here it is in orange.. not just any orange this is agricultural orange the same colour vintage tractors are painted in.

It has a wicked set of Sanshin (Sunshine) large flange hubs, racing bike crank and centre pull Weinmann brake & Raleigh 7B style rims.

Submitted by stidds

  • Race
  • Company: A&A
  • Model: Moto X Cycle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: A&A Fork: Akisu Stem: K&K Bars: Raleigh Grips: Oury Seat: GT7 Seat Clamp: Webco Seat Post: Fluted Brake lever: Weinmann straight Brake Caliper: Weinmann Vanquer centre pull Rims: Raleigh '7b' Hubs: Sunshine large flange Tyres: Ammaco Snakebelly Cranks: JS road crank Pedals: Rat Trap Chainring: RBS Number Plate: Hunt Wilde

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