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2000 2 Hip Terra Firma

2000 2 Hip Terra Firma


After being a die-hard Haro rider for years, I decided to try a different company...The next best thing:


This is my 2000 2-Hip Terra Firma.  This frame was one of the first of the Terra Firma frames from teh initial production.  I read in Ride that Ron was coming out with a flatland frame.  I contacted Trend Bike Source, who informed me that the inital frames were done, but the company in china that was making the stickers didn't have them ready, yet.  I agreed to have the frame drop shipped to me right from 2-Hip without the stickers.  I received the stickers about two months later.


I built this bike from the ground up, hand-picking each and every part:

* 2-Hip Terra Firma

* 2-Hip Forks

* 2-Hip Flat Bars

* 2-Hip Stem 

* Profile Cranks

* Ukai HP Rims/Nankai Rear Freecoaster/Suzue Front Hub

* Dia Compe Brakes

* S&M Pedals, Seat Post & Seat Clamp

* Primo Hemerrhoid Seat

* Hookworm Tires

* Kink Pegs


Once complete, I felt it would be a crime to scratch this beauty.  Therefore...I only rode it a few times.  It has been packed in my attic since 2000.


I still have every receipt for every part (Totalling $1410.00), including the shipping info. from 2-Hip.


One day, when my boys are old enough to handle a cream-puff like this, it might be theirs!!!

Submitted by DKOTLAREK

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: 2 Hip
  • Model: Terra Firma
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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