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243 Racing (2001–2009)

.243 racing started in early 2001, in the depths of some of the hardest riding as we know it, Vancouver BC. The actual name .243 came from the owners passion for target shooting where the .243 Winchester is his favorite caliber for it’s balance of velocity, trajectory and power, which is exactly how he likes to describe his bikes. The pronunciation is actually

point two forty three racing

. Now here’s the best part of all, .243 racing will donate 2-5% of it’s total gross sales in each region to nonprofit organizations which maintain trails within that region, so all you Albertans who want kickass parts and some more trails to ride then get out there and buy some .243 stuff.The .243 frame set in a word...


. This sleek, black, 4130
chromoly hot rod can accommodate any rider or terrain. Whether in the
park, on the street, tearing up the dual course, rippin' through the
snow, on the trails, or sailing through the air, this sled is
equally at home. Since Santa left it under the tree with a
delightful bag of other goodies I've been fortunate enough to ride my .243 almost every day. After
becoming more familiar with the bike and trying similar hard tails,
the two features which set this frame apart from the rest are for one, the overall construction and geometry .243 offers a 22 inch top tube, well,
actually it's a full 23 1/2" but it's pierced by the seat tube where
the seat stays hook up and a fine weld creates a rigid
platform from which to transfer all the energy from that donair you ate at
lunch. Up front is a huge chunk of 4130 that you can forget about
ovalizing. Put on whatever fork you want, your warranty is safe. Head tube angle changes from 69° with a five inch travel fork ± 1° for every ± 1” of travel. Check out their web site for the complete list of specs. To the rear, 1/4" thick dropouts
held firmly with enough room in between to run some fat 3" rubber. No cut-outs or fancy CNC work, just meat.

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