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42 years young. In 1991 my pride and joy was stolen from me.  A CycleCraft frame with Free Agent forks, original Redline cranks, Araya aero rims, bullseye hubs, DK stem, powerlite bars, shimano pedals with Urchin cages,  etc.   A bike I worked hard to build and raced at my hometown track (Cape Coral), and Friday nights up to Sarasota bmx as well as state competition at boys town BMX (Homestead) & Orlando BMX. After my bike was stolen, I had no bike to race on and didn't have the means to replace it.  I always said one day when I have the means, I'd build another and race again.  Well about 18 months ago while interning to get licensed in bail bonds, I had this opportunity.  Started with a Redline XXXL frame (I grew quite a bit since my former racing days) and ordered parts weekly.  It was a learning process as well.  I'd left the sport with Free wheels and 1" headtube's and when someone mentioned cassette, I envisioned a music playing device.
However I learned quickly and then  became aware of CycleCraft's existence (I'd been mistakenly told that they were no longer in business)  So with well over $1000 in my Redline Flight pro XXXL, I emailed CycleCraft on a whim.  PATRICK DEATS IMMEDIATELY called me back and bent over backwards to help put me back on a CycleCraft and even helped out with some of the parts I needed to make the swap.  He also calculated the size for me to assure my fit on the XXL.  I'm 6'4 7/8" tall.  So with a 63mm stem in exchange for my 53mm, it fits me perfectly.  Thanks to a cruel boss who forced me to live in a bail bonds office to obtain my license, my dear friend Patrick Deats & blessings from the good Lord,  I'm now on the bike I envisioned for over 20 years. 


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