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John Buultjens here, I got into BMX March of 1982 after seeing E.T. in Glasgow, Scotland. Ever since that day I haven't been off my bike (unless I'm broken). BMX has taken me all over the world. Over 20 times to be exact. BMX took me to Australia where I lived for 18 years and have a beautiful daughter who lives there with her mum in Melbourne. January 2013 I made the move to Southern California and became the Brand Manager for Haro USA (You may have seen some of my work). BMX doesn't have an age limit, we are all kids at heart. So at Haro our target age is 1-99. You can start your kid on there first Haro balance bike and then maybe they will take up BMX race or Freestyle. We have plenty of MTB and commuter bikes, did you know we started making Mountain Bikes in 1986? Anyway I'm babbling on. This is me, my name is John Buultjens and I ride a BMX in my mid 40's.


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