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#101 2016-09-25 1:37pm

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Re: The Proline Parade (The Official Proline thread)



#102 2016-12-30 2:26am

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Re: The Proline Parade (The Official Proline thread)

Hi fellow Proliners, J from Australia, thnx for the page, here's my pride and joy.



#103 2016-12-30 5:27am

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Re: The Proline Parade (The Official Proline thread)

I love the old-skool Prolines... Only one kid in our town had a Proline, or even a Redline of any kind... We ALL drooled over his bike when we would ride... He still has it, along with a TON of other stuff he WILL NOT get rid of... I've been trying for YEARS, and he won't let any of it go... I wouldn't either... GREAT examples in this thread... I have a few newer PL 24s...

2001 PL Pro 24

2002 PL Team 24

2007 PL Pro 24

2008 PL Pro 24

GREAT THREAD!!! big_smilebig_smilebig_smile

44t BMX Club, "Midway Chapter"... Favortie bike:1983 Schwinn Predator... Schwinn, SuperCross, Free Agent, Anlun, Mongoose and Redline PL24 fan, as long as it's not a Hutch, I'll ride it... Predator owners show your PREDATOR LOVE and post your Predators here:
                      Predator count: 12 (and rising)       420 for LIFE!!!



#104 2017-06-29 1:23pm

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Re: The Proline Parade (The Official Proline thread)

1990 700SL

I love the old Redline Pro lines (80's), I bought this about 10 years ago after my 1986 GT Pro Series Racer was stolen.  I wish I had got into Redlines when I was a kid. I always wanted GT back then.  The black pad set came with it, I'm not sure if they are original. I put these decals on, I know they are not correct for 1990, I tried to find some but have been unable to so far.

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Hai ottenuto la tua cazzo scintillante



#105 2017-07-07 10:43pm

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Re: The Proline Parade (The Official Proline thread)

Just adding my PL-20 to the collection

They've got you wrong. You're not a coward. STUPID, maybe. But not a coward.



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