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#1 2017-03-20 2:46pm

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Sunshine hub lot and some relisted stuff with lower prices


If you are interested in something please PM me for paypal info, or if you have questions or need more pics.
I reserve to right to choose who I sell to
Local pickup available in the Detroit area


Sunshine Hub LOT.  To save time I am going to list these as a lot.  I am only selling them as a lot at this time.  If for some reason they don't sell, I'll list them individually at some point. 
$110 shipped for all these front sunshine hubs!!! Some I believe to be NOS.
silver low flange NOS?
red used
blue used, the other side has the dust cover
red NOS?
gold NOS?
blue nice used?
gold NOS? strange dividing line in middle of ano

NOS 2nd Gen GT fork standers.  I've still got the dusty bag they came in if you want it.  No issues.  Only flaw I can see is a tiny flaw in the chrome on the standing surface as seen.
$115 shipped

Odyssey 1999FS Rear brake dated 1985. Nice survivor shape.
$20 shipped SOLD

RAD Pad stem pad.  no issues
$15 or $8 with any other purchase SOLD

Araya 20x1.50 wheels.  Never touched by brake shoes.  They've got quick release hubs set up on them for some reason. use them as is, or cut the hoops out.  the hoops are very nice satin hoops.
$75 shipped east $90 shipped west

NOS Tuf Neck 4.9 Mini Stem
$200 Shipped

NOS ACS Slant Stem.  Bag is worn, I don't see any issues with the stem thru the bag.  I might take the staples out and open it up.  I'm not eager to sell this.  I could use a slant stem, but a nice og finish used one would meet my needs (not polished or refinished).  if you need this one and you have a nice used one for partial trade, let me know.
$315 shipped

NOS Pink Panaracer freestyle tires. Very soft, I wouldn't hesitate to ride these. 
$110 shipped

GT Bars, late 1990's.  I'm quite sure these are NOS, or at least new take offs.  sticker residue on one side, but no stickers currently on the bars.
$60 shipped east $70 shipped west SOLD

GT Fueler frame/fork seatpost, clamp and brakes.  The f/f are VERY clean with nice chrome, biggest issue is that the headtube and fork decals are missing.  USA made frameset!!  Beefy and strong, but not overbuilt.  This was basically GT's answer to the S&M Holmes.  The post and clamp were NOS before installed on this frame last summer.  Brakes are decent survivor condition and work well. 
$240 shipped

Solid Cranks.  Good overall physical condition.  could paint or powder them if you want the to be pretty.  what you see is what you get.  I got new bearings and honed them out to fit the spindle.  The bearings fit the cups, but are not tight in them.  Nonetheless, you almost never find these with a working BB.  175mm
$145 shipped

Standard 250 has chopped dropouts and a dent on left chain stay.
$10 for standard frame!!!! yikes yikes  local pickup only, MacNeil frame is SOLD

NOS Redline Forklifter Stem.  Some very minor wear from kicking around for 30+ years.  I got this stem for a project, but I don't need one this nice.  I would consider partial trade for a nice used silver forklifter stem.
$350 shipped

Redline Forklifter Stem refinished in Radberry.  I got the stem this way, so I'm not sure if it's paint or powder, but I would guess paint.  As I was taking the pics I noticed the paint line on the quill.  I thought maybe the head of the stem pulled partway off the quill, but it's on tight.  Maybe it was from where it was taped?  Tiny scratch in paint on top near bolt.
$160 shipped

Redline bubblefont 47T.  nice overall, could use a polish
$75 shipped

46T, like the 47 above, it's a little dull, could use a polish
$75 shipped

39T  pretty nice, tiny surface scratches
$75 shipped SOLD

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#2 2017-03-21 7:47am

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Re: Sunshine hub lot and some relisted stuff with lower prices

Payment sent for - Odyssey 1999FS Rear brake dated 1985. Thanks!

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#3 2017-03-21 2:14pm

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Re: Sunshine hub lot and some relisted stuff with lower prices

Payment sent on the Rad Pad



#4 2017-03-26 5:43pm

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Re: Sunshine hub lot and some relisted stuff with lower prices

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