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#1 2017-01-11 5:40pm

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Gt bars/Redline stem/Araya/Uni/Zap/Jt/Hutch

Gt unknurled pro bars, 27 1/2.  chrome is average with some lite flaking, spent 10mins with chrome polish.
No crimps or rash, uncut aswell 145 shipped buyer pays pp fees

Redline brute stem with rare Sakae Ringyo cap 110.00 shipped buyer pays pp fees

Uni 13/16 post 19.00 shipped

Zap pads blk/grey, blk sharpie colored in. 49.00 shipped.
   SOLD   Red and blue 60.00 shipped

Hutch Jdb 2nd gen pad set on left sealed in bag 65.00 shipped
  SOLD.   Hutch Jdb 1st gen pad set on right, mint cont, had them on show bike, actual material used in the early 80s 225.00 shipped

Redline Sealed Bottom Bracket box 30.00 shipped

Hutch retro race plate, Se has ben removed  29.00 shipped

Haro retro plate blue 50.00 shipped

Blue 46th sprocket 29.00 shipped
Blue Acs seat clamp 40.00 shipped

Jt raceing gloves large new 55.00 shipped
   SOLD  13/16 strong seat post raw
   SOLD  Shimano 1/2 pedals nos
   SOLD  Ron Wilkerson plate
Orange tuf pads 25 shipped
blue genaric pads 15 shipped

   SOLD  nos kt hubs
9/16 Mission pedals 29.00 shipped
   SOLD  Gt coaster

    SOLD   Visount aero seat died blk
blue shot gun seat cracked front edge 45.00 shipped
gt bmx padded seat 75.00 shipped
gt bikes seat 40.00 shipped

hutch 1/2 pedals restored 130.00 shipped
jumbo flite donuts 25.00 shipped
Sake or sr spider 45.00 shipped

   SOLD  Blk ame grips
   SOLD.  yellow mushrooms
   SOLD   se grips
   SOLD.  ame unitron blue/red
   SOLD  ame unitron blk/white
generic oakley f1 grips 45.00 shipped

Call dibs and Pm me for pp info
buyer pay pp fees. Postal money orders also welcome smile
All sales are final, no return, be sure to examine pics before buying
everything listed is to the best of my knowledge smile



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Re: Gt bars/Redline stem/Araya/Uni/Zap/Jt/Hutch

Those GT bars are sweet!!



#3 2017-01-20 1:19pm

rajulio hector de la hondo
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Re: Gt bars/Redline stem/Araya/Uni/Zap/Jt/Hutch

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nate's Lover!!!



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