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#1 2017-01-11 5:16pm

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Some NOS stuff...

Just a few other things that I have for sale...

My paypal is

I ship once a week so please be patient.

NOS lizard skin pads.. what you see is what you get 28.00 shipped

NOS Lizzard skin rotor cover 16.00 shipped

NOS odi roughneck grips 30.00 shipped

NOS odi grips 25.00 shipped

NOS Redline decals... not sure what model or year these are.. 25.00 shipped

Diamondback Reactor down tube decal 1 team and 1 regular...   13.00 each shipped

NOS odyssey seat post.. 40.00 shipped

NOS odyssey seat without guts 35.00 shipped

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Re: Some NOS stuff...


NOS SR pedals 1/2" one cap is cracked 40.00 shipped

WTB:. GT Ariake Jaguar Seat (black)



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Re: Some NOS stuff...

DIBS And Paid On The Set Of  NOS Peregrine Brakes.


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Re: Some NOS stuff...

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