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#1 2008-11-27 7:34am

carl mitchell
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2004 SE Racing Quadangle Team

2004 SE Racing Quadangle Team

I always wanted a loop tail back in the day but never had the money so I bought a new one its not as cool but I like it alot and ride the hell out of it!

this is rare this is the only year that se raceing made there frames out of 7075 .



#2 2008-12-15 4:30am

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Re: 2004 SE Racing Quadangle Team

This! is the quad's frame layout I've ever wanted! 04' one!
Have a 1999 and 2007, but this one have a completely different welding at the front side.
Really nice frame, I'd really appreciate to had the chance to buy one 2004 alloy quad frame. BTW, hate loop tail frames! leave them at the museum with hutch and robinson ones!



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