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#1 2008-09-19 8:20am

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1998 Mongoose Outer Limit


1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

Rides Smooth and Quiet

Got it at a yard sale about 2 months ago for $5.00 and its all original. Might not be worth much to someone else but it rides real nice for me. I changed the seat for comfort reasons but have original seat.




#2 2010-03-17 5:29pm

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Re: 1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

Im picken up one of these tommorow, f/f, seatpost, and seat. It's in great shape, and im gonna turn it into an oldschool dirt jump bike. Are these good bikes? Im not going to put crappy parts on it like stock, im going to have 3 piece cranks, race wheels, etc.




#3 2010-03-19 3:19am

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Re: 1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

somebody tell me where i can get one of these i had one as a child and want one sell me this one!



#4 2010-08-29 7:32pm

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Re: 1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

Have one just like this hanging in garage, did the acid soak already and it looks brand new again but i need some stickers to reapply. Kinda reminds me of my old Redline frame from the early 80's. I know it's not a pro model but it's not built like the newer walgoose bikes out there. I also bought mine at the flea market for 5 bucks too LOL. Will keep it around just for bmx kicks!big_smile

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#5 2012-04-03 2:53am

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Re: 1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

Ive got one of these on here also, like you said might not be the top of the line but for some reason too...mine has grown on me and i love it lol.


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#6 2013-05-04 12:08am

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Re: 1998 Mongoose Outer Limit

Got mine today for 25 with 6 tires and thorn resistant It's all original. I'm liking it a lot, reminds me of my first chrome huffy lol. What kind of brakes do you have on?



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