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#1 2018-02-12 10:34am

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2008 Fit Chase Dehart

2008 Fit Chase Dehart

Trying to make a more "park-specific" bike because most of the riding i've been doing in Philly has been at parks.

found a reasonably-priced frame that i kinda fell in love with [geo, weight, construction, color, philly-specific graphics, rarity, etc.] on the bay and was hoping it was a 21" [but turned out to be 20.75 -- i'm okay with it]. acquired a Kink Empire fork from a member and slapped on a lot of parts i had lingering around to make it a rider. not quite the way i want it yet but will be sharing riding time with my also newly built FBM Capone.

riding. all set on frames. just need tall [9-10"] bars and maybe some shorter cranks [165] and possibly a nice LHD freecoaster wheel. 
maybe trade my 22" atf -xl for something special... [philly local trade]



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