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#1 2017-12-06 4:02pm

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1991 GT Mach One

1991 GT Mach One

Rare Yellow with updated GT BMX Fueler Decals

This is my Childhood bike......... and now my oldest son's everyday rider. I received it as a Christmas present brand new and rode it year round here in PA. I lived 8 miles outside of town and used to ride into town every morning and then back home at night during the summer. I have many fond memories atop this steed. I kept it at my parents house during college and then eventually in my garage until a friend of mine who raced BMX approached me in 2011 about buying it. I needed the money at the time and figured at least it would get some use. It did........and then it was put out to pasture. I called my buddy in July of 2017 and asked if he still had it and he said he did! Unfortunately it was left in the rain and elements and was missing the bars. So, i bought it back from him for $30 dollars and started to restore it. I stripped the bike and had it powder coated the original color and replaced the rims which were rust covered. I added front brakes to it as well due to the fact that the whole reason I restored it was to give it to my 9 year old for his birthday and he was used to having front brakes. Those front brakes are coming off soon! Anyway, the only non-original parts are the rims(Weinmann), tires(Bontrager), grips, and bars(GT), which are still the correct ones for the bike. Oh, and thanks to another member of this site, I am currently restoring another one exactly like it for my 8 year old. Keep it in the family I guess!



#2 2017-12-14 3:59pm

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Re: 1991 GT Mach One

Nice job, great story, love the color!

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