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#1 2017-11-08 12:58am

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1994 S&M Holmes

1994 S&M Holmes

pretty much the coolest bike ever  smile

the frame was sold to me as a ’93 (based on decals) but the one piece dropouts and brake mounts kinda say '94. either way...super cool bike and the first i built up from frame and fork (on a bit of a budget as always but still, by far, my most expensive project to date.) super roomy, very comfortable, super nice bike. i always thought s&ms were the coolest, they came around at the tail end of my bmx days as i recall...i was right. this thing is awesome; really fun to ride. i'm definitely an s&m convert.

'94 (ish) holmes frame s&m pitchforks -1" threaded1" redneck -surprisingly hard to find and expensive (w/ some nasty [and unmentioned] little hammer dings on the bottom [don't worry about it, eBay, no big deal  smile  .])tioga bear trap II headsetnewer slam barsjive handle grips-the coolesttech 77 lever-love the parking brakenewer s&m seatpost selle italia turbo seat (very classy)tioga quick adjust seat clamp -a necessity at my housedia tech hombre brake- a 990 wouldn't work, posts are too short...clearance issues.profile cranks-a little beat up but in a cool way44t ripsaw sprocketizumi chainsuntour xc 2 pedals-my favoritesperegrine hp 48s (repacked and roll like a champ)16t suntour freewheeltioga comp III repopsrepop s&m pads

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#2 2017-11-08 6:42am

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Re: 1994 S&M Holmes

Sweet ride!

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#3 2017-11-08 7:25pm

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Re: 1994 S&M Holmes

Nice job,have to agree they are a sweet ride,track,trail or street smile



#4 2017-11-21 7:06pm

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Re: 1994 S&M Holmes

this bike is so boss... more than Springsteen or boss Hogg. congrats dude!



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