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#1 2017-10-09 6:17pm

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1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone

1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone

Another one on my list of "Most Wanted"

I got this one off of ebay a while back, wasn't a major score, but I didn't care....I just wanted it. Always loved the design of the seat stays and the Woody Itson cool factor! The bike arrived in a box full of holes and It was in a sad state of neglect. No problem, I like to restore survivors.I'm beyond stoked as it turned out great and it's almost a time capsule with only a few add-ons and replacement parts kept to a minimum.Grips were replaced and as I always do with the parts I replace, I boxed up the OG mushroom type grips along with the spokes. All ball bearings cleaned and re greased, including the one in the pedals.I replaced the grip tape on the fork standers and put on a set of survivor ACS RL Edge tires I had laying around.The chrome spokes were done so I replaced them, but kept the OG nipples. That's about it I think, I like saving parts so with the few exceptions above, everything else is original to the bike.As always, I included a few pics of how it looked before I worked on it.Hope you guys like it as much as I do!
Bike Check
Frame: 1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone Woody Itson - OG Forks:  1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone Woody Itson w/screw-on fork standers - OG and grip tape addedHandlebars: 1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone Woody Itson Bars - OGGrips: Blue A'ME TRI - addedStem: ACS Rotor 55 Slant - OGHeadset: Tange - OGDetangler: ACS Pro Rotor - OGBrake levers: ACS 6770 - addedFront brake: ACS 860 - OGRear Brake: ACS Gripper - OGFront Brake cable: White cable - OGRear Brake cable: White cable - OG Seat post: Laidback chromoly - OGSeat: Diamond Back Dominator type - OGSeat clamp: Diamond Back - OGBottom bracket: Bear Trap type by Tange - OGCranks: Tioga Task Force 180mm - OGSprocket: Tioga Compact Disc 44t - OGChain: KMC - OG restoredPedals: Victor VP-707 - OG missing one capFront Wheel: Sumo 48 w/Suzue Sealed Tech hub, OG nipples, new spokes - OGRear Wheel: Sumo 48 w/Suntour Freecoaster, OG nipples, new spokes - OGFreewheel: ACS Suntour Freecoaster 16tTires: ACS RL Edge 20x1.75 - added



#2 2017-10-10 4:03am

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Re: 1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone

Great bike.  Looks awesome with the ACS's.



#3 2017-10-10 7:33am

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Re: 1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone

Sweet Survivor,Good Job Brother

Always looking for GT parts,and up for trades also



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