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#1 2017-10-01 7:49am

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1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

This was one of the most unique bikes during my racing years back in the 1980's.  Never had one, but always wanted one!

Purchased this one from another member of the site, Shockcorp.  He did an immaculate job of bringing this all together, an absolute labor of love.  This is a link to his posting:  Think I'm only missing one more bike from my years before the collection is complete.



#2 2017-10-01 4:47pm

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Re: 1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

Remember when those came out. Still a unique design . Looks great.

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#3 2017-10-01 5:31pm

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Re: 1984 CW Racing Phaze 1


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#4 2017-10-02 4:06am

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Re: 1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

So rad. Always wanted one myself from the first time I saw one I the mags bitd. cool

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#5 2017-10-02 1:17pm

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Re: 1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

Pure beauty ! Very nice cool

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