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#1 2017-09-03 5:54pm

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1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

saved this from the hood. not sure of the year. '81-'82

Bought this because of the teardrop tubing. The head stem serial number reads HC1512369. The underside of the crank tube reads C80733 23963. If anyone knows the year it would be greatly appreciated. Had to save it from the perils, it will ride again. Keeping old school relevant! It's done, love having parts laying around.



#2 2017-09-03 5:58pm

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Re: 1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

Good looking Huffy! ........check it out, I live with it daily
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#3 2017-09-04 1:15pm

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Re: 1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

That is cool, has anyone every seen one with the bronze finish?

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#4 2017-12-15 8:52am

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Re: 1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

Are both rear brake bridges have the Profile one’s shape?

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