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2000 BH Scrambler 14  RSS Feed

#1 2017-05-14 10:47pm

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2000 BH Scrambler 14

2000 BH Scrambler 14

The "false" miniKuwahara I built for my daughter :-)

I started from a bike from around year 2000. Changed some parts, welded gussets, stuck decals and placed pads... and here's a miniKuwa!
Some parts list: - Seat: NOS Isca Selle (made in Italy)- Brakes. Formos  MX1000 copies with Porkchop Dia Compe decals- Decals: By 422 BMX Decals- Pads: By Le Custom Bikes- Grips: A'me mini (repop)- Seat clamp: unbranded, Tuf Neck style (NOS)- Gusset: home designed, laser cut



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