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#1 2017-05-13 10:01pm

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1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

Restored NOS 1974 Model A

1974 Model A was restored 15yrs ago with all NOS parts. Bike is near perfect, and some of the chrome parts like handle bars are triple chrome which exceeds the original. Have the OEM moto bike seat being restored, then bike will be complete. I own 6 moto bikes currently.



#2 2017-05-14 1:24am

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Re: 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

That's a bewdy ... (Oz slang for great)

Old School Racers Australia



#3 2017-05-14 2:30am

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Re: 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike




#4 2017-05-15 7:19am

Jenny Caldwell
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Re: 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

Cool stuff!! With six of these babies it probably looks like what a Yamaha dealership would have looked like walking in there in the mid 70's!

Wanted: Anything Eddie Fiola.



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