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#1 2017-04-19 6:59pm

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2000 Mongoose Villain

2000 Mongoose Villain


My parents made me a deal. They say you have to learn how to type words into this computer. Im in 4th grade. 'You do it fast enough, we'll get you a bike'. I look back now, i flat out sucked at typing. But bless their hearts, they took me to this local bikeshop. $230 autumn of '99. It came down to 2 choices, a red '99 villain, or this black one. The guy at the shop says to me, hey kid, you see these pipes sticking off the axles, what are they for? If you say theyre for giving kids rides, im going to take them off and youre not getting them. I say of course mister, you got it. 4 jumbo chrome pegs.
It sat apart for a good 7 years. White overspray happened at one point. I didnt care for decals but i left the because google wasnt a thing yet.



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