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#1 2017-03-29 8:41pm

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1982 Mongoose California Special

1982 Mongoose California Special

I got this one off the swap meet section of the museum. It had a stuck seat post and damage to all three front tubes from trying to remove it. I wanted to lengthen an old 'Goose to 22" so this was the candidate. I cut the bike apart and replaced the seat post, top tube and lower tube. I re-used the head tube and the gussets. The top tube became the new seat tube and the top and bottom tubes were replaced with 1" x 0.58" chrome moly tubing. It rides nice and stable with the longer wheelbase.



#2 2017-03-29 8:57pm

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Re: 1982 Mongoose California Special

Outstanding work!

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#3 2017-03-29 10:54pm

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Re: 1982 Mongoose California Special

Such an awesome job on this... I have always wanted a stretched loop tail DB, I was thinking 21", but man that 22" stretch looks comfy... SUPER COOL fabrication and modification... coolcoolcool  There is no mention of the custom stem Tom also welded up for this build, AGAIN, GREAT WORK!!! big_smilebig_smilebig_smile

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#4 2017-03-30 5:53am

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Re: 1982 Mongoose California Special

Turned out great!! I saw the progress on Facebook and its great to see the finished product! Stellar ride brother!

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