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1984 GHP Twenty4

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/ghpp458d07ad633.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/1984ghp2458cf4896a9.jpg

1984 GHP Twenty4

All original.

This was one of my race bikes as a kid. It's still in great shape with Hutch 24" XL Cruiser bars, DK Stem, Ambrosia rims, GHP seat post, Tuff Neck seat clamp, and Suntour bearclaws.




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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4


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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4


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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4

Ambrosia rims are sweet...need to post up more pic's.

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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4

cool love it

Crikey, that's f$%K*n ace....



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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4

Time capsule!  So cool to see this survivor.

Early '85 Haro Masters are my thing!
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Re: 1984 GHP Twenty4

Super Frickin Sweet! cool

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