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#1 2017-03-07 11:37pm

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1981 Schwinn King Sting 26

1981 Schwinn King Sting 26

Beautiful Survivor

Recently purchased this 81 King Sting. All original except for grips and tires which were replaced.



#2 2017-03-11 2:47pm

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Re: 1981 Schwinn King Sting 26

That's a beauty, love that O.G, black paint! I hear these babies ride great, on my "to build one" list for sure!

Needs: 79 or 80 nos/mint Chestnut brown SX-100 or SX-500 Scrambler frame - Single Gusset, smooth brazing at head tube, top & down tubes, made in Chi-town not Taiwan.
Mint SCRAMBLER TIRES: suction cup w/gumwall.
"NOS" or show mounted: Blue or Black Oakley 2 grips
NTTK, snakebelly in Black 20 x 2.125
RED O.G. Sting handlebar pad.



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