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1982 Panda Pro-Am 24

http://bmxmuseum.com//image/pandafix587641b940.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25565875d9d253.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25715875d9e1e1.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25595875d9d6df.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25665875d9dd51.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25735875d9e5aa.jpg http://bmxmuseum.com//image/img_25615875d9da1e.jpg

1982 Panda Pro-Am 24


I got this frame as a oldstock never used (like that huh?!!) frame from a closed bike shop out of Wisconsin. Thanks Colin! I found the fork locally and put this baby together with all og finish parts. Man this is the twin to my Boss loop team 24" and the serial numbers are very close. The top tube is really long so it rides nice. FRAME: OG finish 1982 Panda 24" cruiser OG decals FORK: OG finish 1982 Panda 24" cruiser HANDLEBARS: OG finish expert GT uncut GRIPS: Oakley .5 STEM: Rare real OG finish inverted pro neck (look at the bolt and stamping) RIMS: Chrome 7X Araya HUBS: Through bolt OG Bullseye thanks again Colin BRAKES: 1982 dated mx1000 dia comp BRAKE PADS: Skyway pro pads BRAKE LEVER: Shimano DX TIRES: NOS Cheng Shen Comp III 24 x 1.75 (front) and early gum wall snake belly 24 x 1.75 (rear) PEDALS: Shimano DX CRANKS: Redline single pinch with Mongoose BB CHAIN RING: 40t Suntour Chain Ring Bolts: Red Tuf Neck used Spider: OG 110 Philwood CHAIN: OG Izumi (was new in box) FREEWHEEL: Suntour 17T SEAT: Shotgun 1 early model SEAT POST: Real SST Command Post with repop decal SEAT CLAMP: OG finish Excaliber PADS: Mint Cali Lite Race Number plate: Hot PLate OG with NOS Decals from here and local connect. Here is the ad for the ff set when it came out...they apparently didn't make too many. http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx14 … a8afad.jpg


Museum gunslinger!!! NEED EARLY BMX PRODUCTS MONGOOSE FACTORY TEAM JERSEY...money paid to you!!! MITSUBISHI COMP II TIRES WITH BLACK TREAD and oldbmx jerseys...especially Redline Factory team jerseys. Will pay HUGE for real BMX Action vinyl padset and also vinyl Skyway padset OG...!!!!



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Re: 1982 Panda Pro-Am 24

Amazing ride, so clean. Simple understated work of speed and beauty.

LOOKING FOR........   
-Black Kuwi lightening bolt stem pad    - Red Bulldog stamped Pro Neck Stem    - Tech 4, black rear/right lever
-GT hub axle collars (x2)                   - 8-10 Izumi chrome slotted chain links   - VG condition Pro/Tuf Neck quill
-80's Black race seat                        -Black seat clamp Cam, Pro Neck, Tuff Neck, Hutch   




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Re: 1982 Panda Pro-Am 24


Chaby`s Coatings: Chrome/Gold Plating/Polishing and Powdercoating needs. BMX Restorations. Got a bent seat post? Don`t scrap it,we can straighten it! CHABYS.COM  Find us on Facebook or call us @ 508-728-4590

MEMBERS I WILL NOT DEAL WITH: 2009HDSG~cruesixx69~ovinusy~Doebu~ONE O ONE~Harodave4130<>E-bay loser name>davechap4130~



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Re: 1982 Panda Pro-Am 24


I Live for SE, Race Inc, GJS, Nomura, and BB Racin

Sitting in my doublewide dreaming about owning a real Nomura instead of the seven imaginary ones I talk about owning and wishing everyone here didnt hate me so much.

EVERYTHING BMX on the internet is  a RARE PROTOTYPE!!

Passing a six month grammar/reading comprehension/spelling class should be mandatory before being allowed to post on this site



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Re: 1982 Panda Pro-Am 24

I seek this. To no avail. sad

"Trust but verify"



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Re: 1982 Panda Pro-Am 24

So nice...Never knew this one existed.cool

........26" Comp 3 skinwall 1.75s needed, porkchops will do..
........Kastan 24'' Strut wanted.......Anyone?
........RNC Crank arm also needed..a l/h 180...?



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