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#1 2016-04-12 10:22am

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1997 Schwinn Predator

1997 Schwinn Predator

The Predator line continues

Schwinn Frame & Fork with original paint and decals and most components. I added some white tires, and did recovered a 1997 Hoffman Bikes Racing Seat with a custom blue cover. Nice big roomy bars, a good set of components, great graphics, and nice welds and paint on the frame. A great bmx bike with a great heritage.

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#2 2016-04-12 6:00pm

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Re: 1997 Schwinn Predator


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Looking for Raleigh ultra shock handlebars and forks. 80s coca cola seat



#3 2016-09-21 6:53pm

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Re: 1997 Schwinn Predator

pimped out yo! cool

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