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#1 2016-03-31 11:18pm

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1985 Dyno D-30

1985 Dyno D-30

1985 Dyno D-30... Back in 1985 I wanted one pretty bad, but no $$$. By the time I ended up coming up with enough cash, It was already late 1986. I went to a few bike stores, but everyone told me that

Equipment List: 1) 1985 USA Built Dyno D-30 frame & Fork originally-Dyno stamped single plate-Originally sold in New Jersey! 2) GT Performer Bars-Early unstamped 3) GT Layback Seat Post 4) NOS Dyno D-30 Decals in black & white 5) Skyway Graphite Tuff II Alloy Flange Rims 6) Redline 401 180mm Full Wrap Single Pinch Flights with Double Dimple Spindle-Rechromed 7) Redline Techmatic BB 8) GT Epoch Freestyle Headset w/NOS Odyssey Gyro in Black 9) NOS GT Stamped Tuf Neck stem w/potts mod 10) Ame Grips w/"Dyno etched" black and white donuts 11) NOS 1985 Dia Comp 901 rear w/black Dia Comp pads & restored Dia Comp 880 front w/black Dia Comp pads. 12) NOS 1985 dated black Dia Comp cables and sliver and black ano Tech 3 levers 13) NOS Black GT BMX seat with white lettering 14) NOS California lite Johar black pads-TT Jumbo & stem pad modified with correct silver grommet in center for potts mod. 15) NOS GT Race Tread Tires with GT Wings 16) Black & White GT Dice with White Lettering 17) NOS Skyway Graphite pedals and polished cages 18) 1985 GT Seat Clamp-OG original untouched in black 19) NOS original GT front fork standers and rear frame standers

Thanks Sesame Street, I Am Still Living With The Nightmares Of The Plastic House & Yo Yo Man.



#2 2016-04-01 11:48am

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

Super nice! coolcoolcoolcool

My flatland is ... always smooth!!!!




#3 2016-04-01 6:24pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

big_smile best Dyno I have ever seen, every piece is amazing. yikes

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I build bikes the way I want, if you dont like it, well TO BAD !!!!



#4 2016-04-01 7:34pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

^What he said. Well done! It's bad ass.



#5 2016-04-03 4:27pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30 a top tier build. Excellent job!



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