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#1 2015-11-08 6:28pm

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1999 Rhino Turn N' Burn

1999 Rhino Turn N' Burn

Yard sale score!!!!

Almost all OG except for cruiser grips and I replaced the stem with an unknown stem of equal value. The original was gold and almost identical to this one. Also the seat is one I put on. Vanguard components, whatever that means. I like the rear brakes, they look cool. It's in nice shape but for some surface rust and some one got mad at it at some point and dinged up the top tube. Good low budget rider.

I can't believe the way people mistreat bikes. It also amazes me how many people don't have any bikes and never ride them - poor miserable souls.



#2 2015-11-08 7:02pm

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Re: 1999 Rhino Turn N' Burn

cool ride. My brother gave my son one for his 4th birthday.



#3 2015-11-08 11:00pm

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Re: 1999 Rhino Turn N' Burn

Sweet chrome brotha cool
I went to get one of these from a local pawn shop but it had been beat to death. Rear pegs were cross threaded and cranked on. Tubes were dinged BAD. You're lucky to have gotten that in the condish it's in

looking for 1997 schwinn predator race cb

" ..So! As they say in Canada, Peace OOOOT!"



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