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#1 2015-10-10 11:09am

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1976 Trail Mate

1976 Trail Mate

1976 Stromco Trailmate, this was my buddies first true BMX bike.His dad bought him this in '76 and he has had it ever since. I just finished cleaning up for him and she looks pretty good for 40 years

For the East Coast riders, this is a part of Florida BMX history. Greg Esser, Byron Friday and Timmy Judge got their starts on this frame. My buddies dad bought him his first complete BMX bike back in '76 and it was a Trailmate frame built up. He loved this bike and race it in NJ when BMX first started back in Millville, NJ. It's a cool piece of BMX history and I enjoyed cleaning her up for him. Hope you guys like it....

I so miss REAL BMX....



#2 2015-10-10 11:23am

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Re: 1976 Trail Mate

Sick! Wonder if that's where Morales got the idea? Sweet frame, Iddon't usually like pre 80's stuff, but I'd definitely be down with building that.

Anything is negotiable.



#3 2015-10-10 1:14pm

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Re: 1976 Trail Mate

Love it! Florida BMX old school brings back lots of good memories! Love the design of this frame! Thanks for posting!



#4 2015-10-10 3:23pm

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Re: 1976 Trail Mate

Very cool frame.  You don't see many.

BMX News - July 1975:

BMX News - December 1975:

Also 12/75:

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#5 2016-04-15 9:43pm

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Re: 1976 Trail Mate

WOW!! Don't know where you found this beauty....but I love it!  I remember looking at these at the local bike shop in Ft. Lauderdale.... Always wanted a red one!!!

south Florida BMX'er, 74- 85



#6 2017-09-04 3:15am

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Re: 1976 Trail Mate

could it be for sale ?



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