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#1 2015-06-07 5:52pm

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1996 Diamondback Venom Pro

1996 Diamondback Venom Pro

Diamondback Venom Pro in Delivery status out of 1996. Overall in very good shape.

Another great find on a local classified advertisements website - there is not much to say:

Diamondback Venom "Pro" in unbelievably excellent condition and 100% original. Serial starts with "ACS6A....", therefore it is out of 1996. Found another specification at the underside of the bottom bracket saying "W-03".
Zero rust or damage. Just cleaned and polished - that's the result.
Take a look at the "DB" stickers at both ends of the handlebar, shining through the transparent grips...

Frame style still reminds me to a "Haro Sport" from back in the days... :-)

I am such an 80s kid...



#2 2015-06-07 6:42pm

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Re: 1996 Diamondback Venom Pro

Looks like lots of later Freestyle bikes adopted that look from earlier Haro's. This one sure reminds me of them.

Nice looking bike though. Very blingy. cool

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#3 2015-06-08 1:58am

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Re: 1996 Diamondback Venom Pro

Super cool,these bikes ride real nice,great score



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