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1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26  RSS Feed

#1 2015-03-22 9:08am

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1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

California Survivor

Thanks to the help of Ryan, this beauty was acquired from the original owner, a MX racer from bitd. The original owners buddy was friend with the Bassett family and after they had heard about the Star Cruiser coming out soon they both ordered one in a second. His buddy went for chrome and blue and he went for black and gold as you can probably see...
All original paint and finish!
bone stock besides bars and grips
owner had newer pedals and tires installed but had the tires still around so they have been swapped back
bought some KKT Lightnings for it because the Star Cruiser mostly came stock with these BITD and this is how we roll!
frame: stock, original paint & decals, black
fork: stock 7/8" legs, original paint, black
headset: stock, chrome
stem: stock, SR double-bump, gold
bar: unknown, double knurled, chrome
grips: full foam, black
seatpost: stock, Aluminum fluted 13/16" with spacer, gold
seatclamp: stock, Xcaliber , gold
seat: stock, Butt-Hurt-Special, black
pedals: stock, KKT Lightning, gold
crank: stock, Sugino Super Maxy 170, gold
chainring: stock, Sugino 44t, gold
chain: stock, black
cog: stock, 18t Bendix
front hub: stock, Sunshine, gold
rear hub: stock, Bendix 76
rims: stock, Araya 7C, gold
tires: stock, Carlisle Lightning Dart, black

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#2 2015-03-22 9:11am

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

Awesome cruiser! cool

Would be cool to share more pictures and parts list smile

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#3 2015-03-22 2:41pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

Yes, super nice cruiser. So is it getting shipped to Europe?



#4 2015-03-22 2:47pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26


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#5 2015-03-22 5:53pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

You need to take that to the beach at Rostock or Stralsund.  It would be right at home. cool

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#6 2015-03-22 6:20pm

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Re: 1979 Bassett Racing Star Cruiser 26

super nice cruiser. wow. big_smile

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