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1975 Champion Schwerma


1975 Champion Schwerma

Purchased frame and fork, from the original owner, who got it for Christmas in 1975. 

I purchased this frame, with Redline fork, from the original owner, who got it for Christmas in 1975.  His uncle was an attorney for Dough Schwerma, so it came directly from the factory.  The original owner took the fame and fork to be re-plated and it was stripped, but then the plater went out of business.  It sat around for years before I purchased it from him.  I had it re-plated and am not super happy with the work because they partially polished the machining marks out of the head tube (a real bummer).  It is built in the style I saw in pictures of it from '76ish, but I couldn't resist upgrading the rims and grips...




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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma

Awesome Bike. smile

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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma

GreaT joB brotHeR.... BeauTiFuL pieCe....



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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma

Historical piece!! Thanks for showing.

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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma

Fantastic restoration. Very interesting bike. Good memories of the 70's.......



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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma

Beautiful piece mate.

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Re: 1975 Champion Schwerma


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