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#1 2014-12-13 6:24pm

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1984 GT Pro Performer

1984 GT Pro Performer

A Rare Find in OG Condition. Not Cleaned Shown as Found

So I Guy I Sold a Mountain Bike several years Back Posted this on Craigslist. I Contacted Him immediately and promised to come get it. As you could imagine his Email was being blown up by the second for this bike. His original asking price of 200 was becoming obsolete by the second. People were offering stupid Money to him in a matter of hours the price went from 200 to 800.00. Turns out he was a Multi Millionaire and our Families were from the same Village on the Island of Crete in Greece. When he bought this bike it was what his eldest daughter wanted for her birthday and was purchased and given to her. she rode it for about 2 years and was kept in a Garage that was Nicer than my $600,000 House. After we spoke he agreed to give me the Bike at the $200 original asking price as he didn't care about the Money and was happy to return the favor on the Mountain bike I sold him which he still owns to this day. After I got this home and had a closer look I realized it was far better than I expected and My mind was blown of the original condition.The original Paint and decals is near perfect and just a Little Dirty and dusty. Of course my first thought was to keep it and it was going to be added to my collection and then I sent a Picture to a dear friend of Mine who is also a local Mass collector. Turns out he has been waiting to find one of these for many years himself He instantly became obsessed and what was Not for Sale was passed on to another Him out of love and respect for our hobby. Its not about the money its about friendship ,Loyalty and love of the Game !! Here is the brake down 1984 GT Pro Performer ( USA MADE First Gen ) Frame & Fork Tange Headset Gold Tuffneck Stem Cycle Pro Shotgun II GT Seat SR Laprade Gold Anodized BMX Seat Post Gold Anodized Dia-Compe MX Hinged seat clamp Suntour VX Gold Anodized 3 Piece Cranks with Proneck 44T black anodized Sprocket with Suntour Chainring bolts Shimano PDX Gold Anodized Pedals Dia-Compe MX 1000 Brakes ( Cables dated 08/84 Araya 7X Wheels with Suntour Hubs 1987 GT Pro Performer Handlebars

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#2 2014-12-14 1:49am

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Re: 1984 GT Pro Performer



# NOS Black Shot Gun 1 Seat .
# NOS Profile Lockjaw Stem Ist Gen Early 1980's Or Mint Condition Only .



#3 2014-12-14 7:26am

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Re: 1984 GT Pro Performer

One of these are on my bucket list,almost had one in chrome 84, US made all og,like you said it's about friends,guy wouldn't sell it to me,but sold it to his friend even though I seen it first,something f!?&$ky!next

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#4 2014-12-14 7:34am

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Re: 1984 GT Pro Performer

Great find. Nice looking original survivor bike. Great story. Very cool



#5 2015-05-27 1:33pm

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Re: 1984 GT Pro Performer

Great Story!

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