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#1 2008-05-31 11:19am

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1996 Powerlite P61 AL


1996 Powerlite P61 AL

Powerlite with S&M stickers


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#2 2008-05-31 1:16pm

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Re: 1996 Powerlite P61 AL

thats a l;ate 90s model
its aluminum, vbrakes mounts but no cant stop.
serial on dropout should have year.

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#3 2009-12-03 11:48am

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Re: 1996 Powerlite P61 AL

Yeah, it's a 98.

Would Trade stuff for: purple paul v-brakes or purple supercross/bombshell v-brakes, 2000 24" DB Reactor Team frame ,  Voxom and Enigma stuff, Alliant / Radix stem and stuff, JW and Stiffys stuff, dark blue alloy chainring bolts, white sealed threadless headset, pink 36h hubset, Torker 24 threadless fork, cool late mid-school cruiser parts.  PLEASE PAY AS GOODS - SO I CAN SHIP TO YOU FAST.  Just say "NO" to Parcel Post.



#4 2012-03-10 1:36pm

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Re: 1996 Powerlite P61 AL

Yea 1998 .27.0 seat post 1 1/8 Chris King head set  and v- brakes Bike sold for 932.00 brand new.

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